Myths and Legends

Here are some great myths and legends websites to explore. Which is your favourite story and why? Comment and let us know.  If you are inspired, you can retell one of the stories or have a go at writing your own version of Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa, in your own post.


This link has lots of different myths and legends from all over the world.  Next week we will look at the story of the 3 sisters from Australia’s Blue Mountains.

The next link is to the story of Perseus that we watched online.  You can watch it again or you can watch 3 other animated stories.

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what i did in the ester holidays

I dint go noweret i did play out side and i playd on my xbox with my frend cold Alfie.I got 14 ester eggs mum dad antis and unkles me best frends bort me ester eggs.I have 2 more ester eggs left over

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Dinosour wold

On  Easter  I  went  to  Dinosour  wold  on  the  floor  I  found  a  remote  control.Then  I  steered  a T Rex.The  T Rex  was    60m tall.

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i went to the shop and i got a dol and i got 12 dudles

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for easter I went to diger land  sat on a disy  was funand cccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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My cousins wedding in Sheffield

A few days ago it was my cousins wedding. The wedding was in Sheffield in a hotel. Most of my cousins from Ashton Under-Lyne came to the wedding. Only 4 of my cousins came and my mum and dad’s mum and dad also came. I had aloo gosht and masala with naan for my dinner. I wore a plain white shirt and a tie.

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