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Minecraft is a game about killing creepers big spiders zombies and also skeletons. You can find lots of ores like diamonds iron gold emerald and coal. You can build a house anything you want to can make a water … Continue reading

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My hellp

in class i get hllp from miss manul in handriting, maths, litherasy,every lesan so she is a rally nice teecher.

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forza motosport 2

Forza motosport 2 is a car game. The fastests cars you can get are r1. The fastest car I have got is an c it is called a toyata it is on this  level it is on c486.The highest races … Continue reading

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New topic on sience.

We have bean lurning about rock and soil. Now i am going to tell you som rox. theres pebbles  sond stoen marbel. some people are triying to bring them in to show  the class to think what kind of stoen … Continue reading

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Snow at school

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Some of the staff, parents and pupils have been digging out the paths at school so that we can open tomorrow. We measured some of the drifts and in places it is 90cm deep. Worst affected were the classrooms that … Continue reading

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