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school disco tonight

Tonight im going to the school disco.Im going to dance to little mix. It will be fun i hope. haha tiny temnure for conor.  

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Life in a polar region

Where they live is very cold and their transport is a slay. Typically nine nenets can fit in a chum. it takes  5 months  to get back  to  the chum From the ice regans.  They  also salt there food. They … Continue reading

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midnight dragons

midnight  dragons  will  usaly  breeth  cole   and  if  you  upset it  it  will  turn  you  into  stone  .       Wat  do  they  look  like          it  has grey  eyes    and     riges  on  its  back    It   also   has   four    feet  and  a  grey  … Continue reading

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gold dragns

Gold dragan live in solid gold mines. What do they look like? Big dragn hav gold fur. Big dagns have big wings. hav blo aees where do gold dagons live? gold dragns liv in said gold mand then liv in … Continue reading

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star dragons

Star  dragons  alle   of   the   typos   of   dragans   thet   Liue   in   anter   Space. what   do  they  look  lite   Shaped  brightuy  Stlver  Star  rdagons   are  Shaped  as  a    Star where   do    STAR  dRAGONS    wvi e? they  liv  outer   of   Space   they   Sliyp   … Continue reading

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