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This is my descripshion of medusa. One tormenting look and instantly you would turn to solid stone.Just as you change you die and become a pariliesed ,biyond the grave statue .Like a crocodile with her grim scaly scin her lized … Continue reading

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Cliffehouse- Adventure Day

Today we went to cliffehouse , collected wood and made a camp fire. Then made hot chocolate it was yummy. We then went to look for bugs in the gardens. After that everyone collect wood and tools to make a bug home.

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Myths and Legends

Here are some great myths and legends websites to explore. Which is your favourite story and why? Comment and let us know.  If you are inspired, you can retell one of the stories or have a go at writing your … Continue reading

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Rugby training

Rugby training was very good today lots of good tackles in preperation for my first match of the season next sunday.

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About my dogs

Type of animal: dogs                                                                                                                                                                           Names: Frankie,milo Food: pedigree,bakers Age:milo3,frankie0 I walk my dogs to the moors and go on my bike. Do you have a dog?

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