Myths and Legends

Here are some great myths and legends websites to explore. Which is your favourite story and why? Comment and let us know.  If you are inspired, you can retell one of the stories or have a go at writing your own version of Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa, in your own post.


This link has lots of different myths and legends from all over the world.  Next week we will look at the story of the 3 sisters from Australia’s Blue Mountains.

The next link is to the story of Perseus that we watched online.  You can watch it again or you can watch 3 other animated stories.

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4 Responses to Myths and Legends

  1. Milo says:

    My favourite myth is the story of The Many Tasks Of Hercules because he can strangle 2 snakes at the same time. But he didn’t know his own strength as a child. His father was Zeus who was King of all the gods. He wasn’t told that if he tried these 12 tasks he could die. He thought he would get a place in heaven as a god if he did them all.

  2. Milo says:

    Miss Manuel, the link is not working on the how to train your dragon books.

  3. Miss Manuel says:

    I like your explanation of the Hercules story Milo. I particularly like the way you have told us a bit about the story but not given away whether he completes all the tasks – it will make people who haven’t read it want to find a copy! Or perhaps you could re tell some of it for us? Thanks for letting me know about the web link – it was working earlier in the week but it seems to have gone offline. I’ve removed it from my post now.

  4. Dhannan Student says:

    i fic it is in trestig mis manywul

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