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what i did in the ester holidays

I dint go noweret i did play out side and i playd on my xbox with my frend cold Alfie.I got 14 ester eggs mum dad antis and unkles me best frends bort me ester eggs.I have 2 more ester … Continue reading

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Rainbow Dragons

Rainbow Dragons ar the olney dragons that ar colerfull. WHAT DO RAINBOW DRAGONS LOOK LIKE Rainbow Dragons have colerfull spikes on there back and there head. Thear bodey is colerfull like a Rainbow. Rainbow Dragons ar 5m tall. Rainbow Dragons … Continue reading

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all about me

I┬álike playing out with my frends on my skooter what i got for christmas. I ceep praktsing evrything i do like riding my bike thats how i can ride my bike. My fravrot thing is playing on my xbox.   … Continue reading

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