the sealife center

in the holidays we went to the sealife center i saw a stingray there sting was massive. we went to the one in manchester. we also saw a shark it was sercling us in the tube above us that means its getting ready to kill humans. it was scary the octipus was hiding

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The week before last week on Thursday it was my sisters birthday. My cousin lexi came on Wednesday to sleep for two nights we had a great time with Alesha my sister we played with every one. Alesha didn’t like the presants that my Grandad gave her. Before it was Alesha’s birthday it was my Grandma’s birthday we didn’t do anything on her birthday. On Sunday we went to FLAMINGO LAND it was verry intresting and fun. Lexi left on Friday we was sad next time I will sleep at Lexi’s.

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Going fishing.

I went fishing at wales with my dad Sara and Peter. My dad court a really big fish it was called a place he also court an eel but that dived of the fishing rod. The place where we was fishing had just rocks on the floor and it had sinking sand inbetwean.Peter had welingtons on like me but Sara had trainers on so sara couldn’t go in the sinking sand. Peter stepped in the sinking sand and he sunk the whole of his welingtons in but he did get out. I also stepped in the sinking sand but when i pulled my foot out my welly came off. then we went rock climing on the rock wall me and Peter had a race but sara said she couldn’t do it. i won peter every time because his welly’s cep slipping off.But i only waited for him when it fell of the rock. Me Sara and Peter made a crabs den. Then Peter found loads of crabs and put them in the den.

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megan my dog

Megan is my dog ,she is a saint burned .She is wight and broun. When i touck her for her last walk we went to the woods .It was quiat but we saw mrs robanson.

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In easter me and my family did lots of different things. My favrite thing was Having my cousion around. We went to a bird sanchary and did a bit of pond dipping. I also liked it when we joined the RSPC and saw some different kinds of birds. In my garden I mostly see Magpies. We are also making and incect hotel and a hedgoge house. Aswell we have a nature pond and a play area.

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