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Minecraft is a game about killing creepers big spiders zombies and also skeletons. You can find lots of ores like diamonds iron gold emerald and coal. You can build a house anything you want to make.you can make a water … Continue reading

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forza motosport 2

Forza motosport 2 is a car game. The fastests cars you can get are r1. The fastest car I have got is an c it is called a toyata it is on this  level it is on c486.The highest races … Continue reading

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my favret consols and games

Consoles psp, xbox360, ps1, ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox27, wii,wiiyou,ds, dsixl, 3ds, dsi   3dsi, 3dsixl, Games minecraft, zelda,   Zelda is a game where you defeat diffrent monsters to get helmets and weapons.  Every single time when you defeat a big bad boss you get … Continue reading

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Maths games

Some great shape games to help you practise this week’s numeracy. 3D Shapes game Try this one too Another one – this is the one we had a go at in the lesson Here are some symmetry games Symmetry More … Continue reading

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